Community Engagement

One of the most important aspects to this project is community involvement and building knowledge within our community to further protect our coral reef. Maximising community engagement will ensure better management of our every day impact and solutions to the degradation of our coral reef here in the Cook Islands.

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Workshop announcements for 2024

Questions you may have?

I. How can I help this project?

A lot of the time people struggle to find where they can help in a project like this. Whether you are in a. different country, have no direct access to the project or can't volunteer physically to this type of work, there are still ways to help and support!
You can either become a member of our NGO by subscribing to membership fee annually and receive updates monthly on the project, take part in our volunteer program by contacting us or simply make a donation towards the project with our merchandise and donations page here.

III. How many coral nurseries are there currently?

We have 2 large coral nurseries set up in Rarotonga so far.

Will you be running school holiday programs or programs for schools?

Yes, we are currently putting our plan together for 2024/2025 to work with our local schools, and any visiting schools or classes so we can make this a fun learning and important space for our youth to develop knowledge and skills in the water and around our coral reef. Please contact us on our contact page for more.

How big is the team that is working on this project?

We currently have over 10 volunteers and 3 marine experts/scientists locally and internationally involved in the advisory of this project.

II. How long has this project been going for?

The structuring of this project began in January 2023, the coral nurseries have been in the lagoon since May 2023.

Are there any workshops we can attend as the public?

We will be hosting public and youth workshops in the new year 2024, and our workshops page will be updated with more information.

Is this project Cook Island wide or only based in Rarotonga?

This project is working on expansion already with our outer islands, we will be setting up in lagoon/reef spaces further than Rarotonga in 2024/2025.